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A common topic of conversation is nutrition tips for endurance athletes.  There are many different approaches, but understanding the basics of sports nutrition will help you make personalized decisions to find the right fit for you.  Enter: Anne Guzman- sports nutritionist. She believes that athletes often undermine their training by not fueling their bodies with proper nutrition as well as not timing their nutrition optimally for performance gains. Anne has an interesting background as an athlete. She was a Varsity Freestyle Wrestler and also become a Professional Road Cyclist, racing both nationally and internationally. She has competed in World Cup Races, the 2007 Pan Am Games as well as in Europe. Anne’s curiosity and love of learning enabled her to also use her own body as an experiment for recovery and race nutrition. “But when it comes time to get down and dirty and train hard, you have to be willing to… yeah you can do it with potatoes, but eat some easily digestible carbohydrates to fuel the work. I think it’s a big picture, an athlete needs both sports nutrition and good daily nutrition but it’s about knowing when you have to kind of step more into the performance nutrition based on how close you are to your training and what you’re doing on the bike. And a lot of it has to do with digestion.” -Anne Guzman

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Anne’s love of learning
  • Sports nutrition for activity level
  • nutrition for competitive athletes versus exercising for health
  • nutrition pitfalls of endurance athletes (carbs, caffeine strategy, hydration)
  • the right kind of fatigue
  • should you take supplements?
  • restricting calories

When to Eat Carbohydrates and How Much?

Listen Now: Nutrition Tips for Endurance Athletes



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