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Off the back…

By April 30, 2007March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I pretty much had the worst performance in my entire cycling career this weekend. Unfortunately, the stress I had to go through to get myself TO the race managed to ruin my legs for the weekend. It was almost 90 degrees and humid outside, so it was pretty hot. We all got a little bit of heat stroke. So Saturday was the short track. I started out pretty good but suddenly my legs just quit and faster than I could bat an eye, I was off the back. All I could do was give Frosty the look that I wanted to be pulled. I just could NOT go hard. My body would not let me. The pace I was riding was one that I could talk and ride one handed. My body just would not let me. 🙁 It was pretty embarassing riding those laps of shame, but I tried to just smile and look like I was having fun. I was laying on the ground after with people around me b/c they were worried i had heat stroke. I felt like i was going to black out and barf during the race. It was the longest short track I ever stayed in. Brian had a GREAT day and got 15th!!

I was hoping I’d feel better the next day in the XC. It was another hot one. During the warm-up, I was debating whether I should even start the race. Usually you do hard efforts to warm up, but I couldn’t even do that. I started off well, but then got stuck behind a crash. I started to make it up, but then again, my legs just quit. All I could do was finish. I would try to go fast, but my legs just felt like mush. Super rotten meat sticks. Tough girls don’t quit. I gotta run. We are going to a winery for a tour. More later.

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