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Off to Arizona

By March 27, 2007No Comments

It’s been a nice week in Boulder and all, working in the lab, enjoying the sun (well some of the time, we’ve been getting clouds and rain on and off), but it’s time to go tomorrow.

I’m still a little weary about going to the race because my legs feel like rotten meat sticks. I did a hot lap at Betasso today and went super hard on the connector almost losing my breakfast. That is really nothing compared to the anaerobic hell I’ll have to endure this weekend. Nervous… I shouldn’t be nervous though. I don’t really have any expectiations for myself this early in the season. I have hardly done any intensity, so Nova will be a good starting point! 🙂 My goal is to have a good time, enjoy the heat and sun, see all my pals, and rip it up the best I can! However, come end of May, I wanna be killing it. I have almost 2 months to get there. Send good leg karma my way, I’m gonna need it!!!

If our hotel has free wifi, I’ll have pics and updates during the weekend.

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