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Off to Hawaii

By August 7, 2007No Comments

Sorry for the lack of posts and stuff. I’m off to Hawaii tomorrow morning and will be back Aug 19. Check back around then for the next update complete with sweet photos. We are going on a Looney family cruise. (yyyyyeah!!!) It’s going to be great!!!!!

Quick recap of the last week. Boulder Short track finals, took 5th and 3rd overall. Some big girls showed up to put me out of my misery. I raced Winter Park on Saturday and some big girls showed up there too including world cup podium-er Georgia Gould and a frequent podium-er at the nationals, Heather Irmiger. They showed everyone how to really ride a bike. My race wasn’t so awesome. I was feeling tired (my own fault from drinking too much and playing guitar that week) followed by the attack of Bonkzilla. It was really really bad this time. Very cloudy/blurred vision, splitting headache, dead legs, shakiness, the works. I knew that if I got off my bike, I wouldn’t be able to get back on, so I rode like that for an hour till I crossed the line and Brian had to hold me up to get me to the medical tent where they knew nothing and could do nothing. After much watermelon, water, and freaked out-ness, I got better. I’m still feeling the effects of the bonk though. Argh. No racing till the next WP race Aug 24th and then Keystone…the collegiate mtb season starts. yeeeah. I’m looking forward to my break and I’m going to do a lot of running, surfing, getting drunk, and sitting in the sun and feeling the spray of the ocean on my face. Aloha!

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