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Off to Prescott for a world of pain!

By May 11, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I am so glad this week is over. It seemed like an eternity long, probably due to the fact that every single day I was in hell for several hours during the day, completely clueless about my take home final exam. I still am not really sure how a quasi-resonant zero voltage switching LLC converter works or why I even care! All I can say is that I am soooo glad that I never have to think about it again!!! I worked so hard in that class, so I just hope that I pass. Hopefully the GPA gods pity me this week, because my GPA is in serious jeopardy at the moment.

I’m off to Prescott tomorrow with Adam. We’re going to do the Whiskey Off-Road which is a 50 mile epic mountain bike race. It should be pretty good. I’ll take a lot of pics He won it last year and really had fun, so hopefully I will too. This will be my first race ever as a pro mountain biker. Hopefully it’ll go better than my first ever pro road race last week! 😉 I’m just excited to be on some dirt, fat tires, and to zoom down some sweet singletrack. Here is the new Titus get-up this year(oh, and my pimped out Racer-X). I can’t wait to riiiiide that baby for hours. haha After the race, we’re going to probably head to Sedona for a few days to camp and just ride. Hopefully Adam will be able to physically make himself go slow enough while the caboose brings up the rear. 😉 I actually think my legs feel pretty good about now and hopefully are way stronger from Gila.

Last night I finally got to see one of my best friends, Jolene. Here’s a pic…it’s been awhile. We’ve known each other since we were 10. It was 2 dolla pint night at Copper Lounge last night and they had some tasty brews there.

NO alcohol was involved here.

Oh, I saw a low rider truck the other day with rims that had dollar signs on them. Ghetto-riffic.

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