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Off to Southern Colorado…my favorite place

By June 22, 2006No Comments

I am headed to Silverton, CO tomorrow and I can’t wait! My family has a tradition of going up there at this time every year since I was one year OLD! Crazy, huh? My grandparents almost always go too and this time, some family friends are joining the party. We camp at South Mineral campground and it is truly my favorite place in the entire world. It is so gorgeous and I love breathing the clean, fragrant air. I’m excited to get some digital photos of this amazing place. I didn’t get to camp the last two years, so it’s going to be fantastic. I have so many fond memories of that place and it’s exactly what I think of when I think about Colorado mountains. I just wish I was there longer than 3 nights, but alas, I MUST work sometime! My employer probably thinks I’m a wack job for being gone so much. I’m so lucky that my boss is so flexible. He is supercool.

Next weekend is also going to be GREAT. I finally am going to start racing again. This one is Eldora MSC and is right in my backyard. Adam is also coming up on Friday!!!!! YAAAAAAAHHOOOOO!! I haven’t seen him for almost 5 weeks, so it’s going to be so nice. 🙂 🙂 He’s staying through the 4th of July. I work the 5th, and the next day I’m headed to Park City, Utah for Deer Valley Norba National. I’m really nervous about it, but it’s going to feel so cool to be racing with all the pros this year and I’ll get to participate in all the hype! sweet. Have fun!

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