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Off to the Tucson Desert!

By February 10, 2010March 22nd, 20172 Comments

Well, the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo are here already. This is always a fun race to kick off the new season. Not to worry, I have a little over a month break after this one… starting off slowly

24 Hour racing is cool because you get to the sun and moon at all phases of a 24 hour period.

When it’s overhead…

and when it sleepily sinks behind the horizon, you bring out the lights and tear down some singletrack. Nothing but your light and a blanket of darkness (and all the other crazy people riding!)

I’m racing a 5 person coed team under Topeak Ergon. It will be myself, Jeff Kerkove, Dave Wiens, Yuki Saito, and Rebecca Tomaszewski. That’ll be about 4 laps each. I was sick at this race last year, and we were short one person so it’s already a huge success! Braaaaaahhhp!

Look for a full report early next week!


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