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I wish that mountain biking in the USA had the same kind of grandeur that it has in Europe. People actually pay money… LOTS of people, thousands of people, to watch the pro races! At national races in the US, you have maybe one or two hundred people watching, and most of them are friends of racers!


Irina and I

I got to ride the Offenburg course the day before the race. Compared to riding in the US, there wasn’t a lot of singletrack, but there were very scary downhill sections. The kind where you either make it, or you are probably getting taken away in an ambulance. The loop was very short with the women racing 5 loops and the men racing 7.

I had a great time watching and cheering. It was great to see the Americans, particularly the women, doing so well. Two North Americans went 1,2 in the race, and much of the others were in the top 25. Great to see as a whole, American woman are the best in the world! No wonder it’s even harder to get any dang UCI points 🙂 From the men’s race, the sheer power the top riders were able to output was pretty amazing.


When Irina arrived, she was instantly mobbed with photographers and reporters… like a movie star!


First lap and first technical section of the women’s race

To give you an idea of the crowds






Topeak Ergon men warming up


A podium that not many ever get to stand on.

It was a great time!!

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