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Julia Murray is an Olympian Skier in ski cross, a silver medalist at World Championships, a registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Roubxe certified plant-based chef, a Main Street Vegan Educator, Owner of Hooked on Plants, Cofounder of 80/20 plants and an all-around awesome human.  Julia has spent 4 years going all-in on the vegan and plant-based lifestyle. If you’re plant-curious and wondering about making small or big changes in your diet, definitely sign up for her program on where you’ll get one on one coaching, videos and recipes on how to make a slow transition, and even room for indulgent foods. Julia is an inspiring and awesome person AND check out Whistler VegFest next year! Check out 80/20 Plants and use code “Sonya20.” Also, for the Complement Plus supplements Julia talks about, use code ‘hookedonplants’ for 10% off at

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • her rise to the Olympic dream
  • making transitions in your life
  • supplements Julia likes
  • how to switch to a whole-foods plant-based diet
  • tips for starting new businesses
  • creating recipes and becoming a chef
  • how to deal with negative criticism as a vegan

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Inside Tracker is a company that uses bloodwork to assess biomarkers, blood analysis, athletic performance, and nutrition software to optimize fitness and longevity.  Founded in 2009, the Boston company first started working with professional athletes who wanted to see what their biomarkers, hormone and mineral profiles looked like during their training and how they could use nutrition and lifestyle to improve.  They measure over 30 biomarkers and recommend food and supplements to optimize thinks like your energy, cognition, endurance, heart health, and more. I started working with Inside Tracker in 2017.  I liked it because their ranges for your biomarkers change based on your goals. I also think it’s important to have baseline and also recurrent bloodwork as you age and also simply as an athlete. Listen to the Episode with Jonathan Levitt from Inside Tracker


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