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On the road again…

By November 8, 2008March 22nd, 20177 Comments

road bike that is! Greetings from Ft Collins!! Wow, what a Saturday so far, and I haven’t even ridden yet. I had an overwhelmingly busy week, so to just sit on the couch and not be in a hurry to get anywhere feels so good. That, and the yummy eggs and coffee that are digesting in my tummy.

Today, Jeff and I are heading up Rist Canyon outside of Fort Fun. I have never ridden it before (and I don’t think we are going to the top). He is on his structured plan for 09, but I still have the freedom to go as hard or as easy as I want, and do other fun things. So while he is groveling up the Canyon, I’ll hang back and jam to my ipod. I will soon have a playlist on my blog for all to hear, I just have not had a chance to get it up and running yet. My formal training starts in about a week. I have a new coach who I am very excited about, and will be announcing that information in the next week as well. I have my compact crank to try out today.

I received some awesome clothes from Kuhl Clothing this week and am LOVING it. 🙂 It looks good, but it’s also technical wear. Yeah, engineers like the word “technical.” Big THANKS to them.

Since the snow fall is right upon us, I am getting some snowshoes for the winter. It’s a good thing I worked an extra 12 hours this week…now I can sort of afford them. hee hee I will be getting these:


and these:

MSR has good stuff. I love the pics on their website too. Rugged mountains are pretty much the best thing ever.

Stay tuned, I’ll be getting my 2009 race schedule up and running soon. I wish the MSC schedule would come out so it can be more official. I will be doing half endurance, and half XC. I can’t wait…and next year I won’t be anemic OR have a broken tailbone. WOOOOT!


  • Bill Martin says:

    I have tried the 50/50 (endurance, cross country) season. It is hard to do both. IF you work on your anaerobic systems then long distance suffers and then if your work on distance at tempo your high end suffers. Do you have any secrets? I don’t!

  • sonya says:

    It will be an interesting experiment! For most of the distances I plan to race (about 50 or so), I put out the same effort as I would in an XC. For the Leadville 100…I don’t know… in the past I have been an XC racer who dipped into endurance. I have been successful, but we will see when it comes to doing a bit more. I also will have it broken down where I’ll do endurance for early season, XC mid season, and then endurance for late season. I pretty much go hard all the time. 🙂

  • Mike says:

    MSR does rock. I have their hydration bladders in all my packs, and I just put one in the Ergon.

    Question on the Ergon, I can tighten the allen bolt for the ball joint to my liking right? I like the “loose pivot” feel.


    – Mike

  • sonya says:

    Hi Mike!

    The bolt is actually supposed to be loose enough where it pivots freely, but not so loose that it comes apart. Also, make sure you have a retention clip for the bolt. Let me know if you don’t have one. What do you think of the pack?

  • Mike says:

    Yea, it’s like Ergon knows me, they included three spare clips. lol.

    I love how there’s zero shoulder pressure. The BD1 vs my old MULE, it’s like night and day.

  • sonya says:

    Mike, are you on the facebook?? If not, do you mind if I post what you said on the Ergon fan page?

  • Mike says:

    Sure go ahead.

    – Mike

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