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One week off the bike… check!

By February 22, 2009March 22nd, 20179 Comments

I have been put in lock-down mode by coach to so I can recover from being sick. We are “throwing in dirt and building a mound” on this hole I seemed to have slipped in. That would explain my lack of posts this week.

The good news is that I am now 100% healthy and will resume training on Tuesday. I can hardly wait!!!! I also am revamping my road bike a little bit, so a few different parts will be coming in this week. Thompson is helping me out with a new stem and seatpost. I have a set-back at the moment, and I also am not comfortable on my bars, so I got a 0 degree setback seatpost and a stem with a little more rise. Also, I got the FSA SLK carbon road handlebar to try out. I was debating between that and the K-wing, but I will give this a try first. I also have this saddle on the way so my bootay stops hurting so much on rides. Taint you very much. With my new cockpit, I should be excited to hop on the skinny tires.

Mr. Kerkove was at Frostbike this weekend, so with him gone and no bike rides, I had a ton of free time this weekend. It was a totally foreign feeling. I spent a large chunk of time with my friends who were psyched to have my back in their possession for a weekend. I also undertook a massive early spring cleaning project. No, I cannot sit still. I went through all my boxes in the storage closet and my normal closet. I am a pack rat, and a clutterbug so it was a task. I threw away 2 huge black garbage bags worth of crap and also filled my whole trunk up with stuff to give to the Salvation Army. It took two days, but I got through it all, and it’s a great feeling to know I have less stuff.


My room was a construction zone.

I was also stoked that Sunflower Market had blueberries and strawberries on sale last week. Adding that to my oatmeal along with almonds, flaxseed, soymilk, and agave nectar is one of my favor breakfasts. mmmm.


I also made some killer brownies a second ago to welcome my manny man back and to pass out to my friends. NOM NOM NOM!


I CAN’T WAIT TO RIDE!!! Patience is a tough game sometimes.


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