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Oregon Love

By August 28, 2012March 22nd, 20172 Comments

2 days after Leadville, I was on a plane to Oregon. I love going to that beautiful state, especially because I always go during their short, but glorious “sunny” season! My destinations included shop visits and clinics in Bend, Eugene, Portland and MTB Oregon in Oakridge.

MTB Oregon is an event Ergon has been wanting to go to, and I am glad I got to go for our brand! I had been to Oakridge to race the Cascade CreamPuff 100 in 2010. I remember the descents being a magic carpet ride! Despite the fact that I was still wearing my cast, I decided I was going to ride trail. It was the first time I had ridden trail since I broke my wrist. However, the trail was so smooth and flowy which was actually more gentle than any of the dirt road riding I did in CO! I worked the Ergon booth during heavy traffic hours, and went out and did my own rides when people were taking the shuttles. Shuttle riding would have been super fun too!!

Bend trails:




Oakridge did not disappoint! Some of the trails are the most fun trails I have ever ridden! Tire Mtn, Alpine, Cloversomethingerother…. I highly recommend a Central Oregon singletrack tour, followed by brewery tours in Bend and Eugene!!




Amazingly beautiful water in Oregon. I’m always blown away!

It was really cold.


Very important to go to Ninkasi each time I go to Eugene. I even had to willpower to ONLY do a sampler.


I still haven’t ridden the McKenzie River Trail outside Eugene or Mt. St. Helens Trails. I’m going back for vacation someday and I’m riding them ALL!!!!!

After Bend and Eugene, I went to Portland for 3 days of shop visits and I got to see some of my very dear friends too! I’m back in Colorado and just finished celebrating my 29th bday AND the news? I got my cast off this past Thursday!! My wrist is still a little sore and I have to be careful, but I’m out of the weeds. I have a brace to wear for singletrack. I’m being very conservative with it, but every day it feels a little better!


I can wash both my hands, take showers without plastic, wash my hair with both hands… it’s great! I’m ready to take on the rapidly approaching fall!


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