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By October 28, 2010March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I’ve been trying to keep things fresh for myself lately. I am used to being done with my season (like a month ago), but am having to push my body into overdrive to keep it going for 2010. “Just a few more weeks,” I keep telling my legs.

I’ve been training and listening to my body… meaning not being afraid to turn around and go home if I’m having a bad day. Slogging through workouts this late in the game has burn-out written all over it.

In addition to training, school, work, work, school school school and school, I’ve been doing some things to take my mind off everything.


Checking out a black light climbing competition at The Spot. Climbing competitions are so much different from bike racing!

…although a black light cross race would be pretty sick.

This guy had the coolest costume. There were plastic Avery beer cups taped to his hands too.

This was cool too!

I couldn’t rotate the video, but homie is hanging upside down. I think this guy might have won the overall.

I went to my first Broncos game. I had super sweet tickets, but unfortunately it was pretty much the WORST game in history. Wow…. I’ll just keep going for the Steelers simply because I like Hines Ward because he smiles a lot. I enjoy watching football, but I’m no die-hard fan.

We had on field tickets while the Broncos warmed up. It was kind of weird to be that close (and cool). Those are some big dudes! They fill out their spandex nicely.


Anyone want to race me? :)

View from the Bud Champion Suite.

Unfortunately the best part of the game was watching the mascots play the kiddos. I couldn’t help but think of Ace Ventura when he beats up the mascot at the Dolphins game.

…and I went to see Drowning Pool/Five Finger Death Punch/GODSMACK last night. Not impressed with 5 finger in concert, but Godsmack definitely did not disappoint!

I was glad to finally see Godsmack. I used to run to their music all the time (before I knew what bike riding was a sport!)



For whatever reason, I’ve been really into going to concerts this year. I think this was #6 for the year…by far the most I’ve gone to in quite awhile. I’m super bummed to miss Tiesto in Broomfield, but I guess being in Brazil is better!!!!

I hit up some cross practice last night for the big races I signed up for this weekend in Boulder, and I’m getting out on some singletrack today which is always a plus. I think between not being able to ride my mountain trails due to the snow up there, the cold weather, and longer than normal season, some days are harder than others. But I can feel it getting warmer, I can feel the excitement coming back…. less than 2 weeks till Brazil.

Here is the info for the cross races this weekend.



Hudz Subaru blog

I will have a costume for the race on Halloween… it’s not too flashy because I need to wear my team kit, but there are a few fun little things I’m adding to it! I also have a really fun costume for Halloween night. It’s gonna be fun. Think superhero, and I will post a picture or two on Monday!

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