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What does it take to overcome personal limits?  Former Professional Triathlete and Entrepreneur, Izzy Fischer knows all about it. From bumping up against limiting beliefs as a young swimmer to overcoming an eating disorder, Izzy has figured how to thrive.

Who is Izzy Fischer? 

Izzy Fischer the co-founder and formulator of Plant Bites – a plant-based no added sugar workout fuel – perfect energy replacement for gels and gummies, and head of Enterprise Development for Complement, a business that delivers high-quality products to complement lifestyles who eat a plant-based diet. 
Izzy is originally from Boulder, CO and has always had a love for the outdoors, cycling, and hiking.  She was a swimmer at a young age and discovered the biggest limits she faced were the ones she placed on herself.  Eventually, she moved on to triathlon and has raced in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice in 2019.
Her plant-based roots actually stemmed from an unhealthy vegan diet geared toward losing weight as fast as possible (she talks about the difference between plant-based and vegan as well). 
As an athlete who grew up with poor self-esteem – she fell victim to the pressures of diet culture, fad dieting, and weight loss for performance by peers, coaches and societal pressures and struggled with a severe eating disorder. She discovered that plant-based diets are rooted in science and longevity. Once she understood how to eat for health, everything clicked.
After recovery – Izzy became passionate about eating for health, rather than eating for weight loss – and is now changing the way that nutrition in athletics is conceptualized.  Her story about accepting your body and accepting yourself is one that will resonate. And now? She’s training for the Leadville 100.
Izzy and Sonya chat about their love for plant-based diet(s) and how it’s so much of a different world than fad-diet culture, eating disorders in athletics and how to be your own self-advocate and fall back in love with yourself.

When things started clicking for me in my triathlon career was when I started to love myself. I mean truly, which sounds so cliche and simple, but when I started to demonstrate self-worth outside of what I looked like, and knew that I was capable of these hard things, knew that I could go do whatever I put my mind out to, I was unstoppable.

-Izzy Fischer

Listen Now: Overcoming Personal Limits


Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • growing up as a competitive swimmer
  • overcoming personal limits
  • learning self-love
  • wrestling with her eating disorder
  • becoming plant-based
  • optimizing diet for weight versus health
  • plant-based performance
  • her favorite mantras for self-compassion



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