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Own your day

By February 7, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

What a great quote by my friend, Jon Davis…it’s more satisfying than Carpe Diem for some reason.  I also sawthis bumper sticker once….  hahahaha

Wow, what a week of winter we had here in Colorado (and it sounds like everywhere else east of here as well!) I spent a lot of time on my Kurt Kinetic Trainer The trainer is smooth, consistent, and quiet. However, I’m wishing I had a set of rollers for the amount of time I’m spending indoors over the last month. I used to really struggle to ride the trainer, but I think if you can mentally get used to the idea of what you’re doing, it can be manageable. Somedays are easier than others, and I rarely ride for more than 1.5 hours. The good thing about the trainer is that because you never coast, a trainer ride (provided you are putting in the same effort) can count for a longer training ride outdoors.

I finally got outside on Friday and Saturday of last week, and Sunday it was back to the trainer, but at least I got to see the new Predators. It was good! There was a price to be paid for feeling fresh, cold air on my skin…but well worth it!  Brrrrr

Saturday, I got out with my friends Joe Saperstein and Jon Davis on our mountain bikes. I forgot that I had 5 lbs of extra water in my backpack from another ride! I also had a bunch of clothes, bottles on the bike, and of course, the tractor 2.4s. I was pinned trying to keep up with those boys, especially on their 1.9 mtb tires.  I had an extra .5 inch… (insert crudeness, haha)  It was a good workout, but I was sweating bullets and the ride down was soooooo COLD!

I showed up with treats. They are so awesome!! Almond Energy Bites – super easy to make, and delicious.


HERE is the recipe if you’re interested.



I saw this online somewhere and I thought it was cool. Hearts and plants for latte art are nice and all, but skulls are badass!


I’m going to get outside on the bike again today… and it will be snowy, frozen, black-white-brown in color. Tomorrow and Wednesday will be back to cold temps (but still above zero…) and back to the trainer and gym. Paying the winter dues, keeping the pedals turning (as well as cross training and a healthy state of mind). Jon Davis had a great quote for our ride on Saturday.

“Own your day.”

I’ll leave you with that.

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