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Pancakes and rivers

By June 11, 2006March 22nd, 2017One Comment

After finding my hr monitor and getting my head screwed in tight, my weekend ended up pretty great. I had a fantastic ride yesterday…almost 5 hours, tons and tons of climbing(somewhere around 30-40 miles of just clmibing), 16 miles of which was on a dirt road(on my road bike..I ain’t no roadie, I ride my road bike on dirt). The best female mountain biker in the entire world is training in Boulder for a couple weeks, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja(that’s a mouthful!) and I saw her out yesterday. That’s the thing about Boulder, you never know who you’ll see. I should have gone to bed at 10 PM last night after my antics during the day, but instead decided to go have some fun with friends. Unfortunately that meant me getting home at the wee hours of the morning and getting up early again. One of my good friends, Jess Sanders was in town so I jumped at the opportunity to make some pancakes for her before she headed back to da querque. Pancakes are always so much better when you have someone to share it with. Very soon I will be able to share my weekends with my boyfriend again. I can’t wait! Only a couple more months and I won’t be so pancake-lonely.

As for the pics I promised…well, I took my camera but when I turned the blasted thing on, the red words scolded me saying, “Battery Empty.” BOLLOCKS! Sorry folks, next time.

I tried to ride today and my heart rate was well below zone 1, so I cut it short and decided to rest this afternoon. I went out and got a new seat to try. I have been having some issues with these bike seats and am on a quest to find the perfect one. My flavor of the week is called the Specialized Jett. I hope I like it! At least these stores let you return them within 30 days if they are no good. I sat in the river tonight…in my clothes. It was kind of a last minute thought, but man, did that feel good. It’s going to become my daily ritual and is amazing for recovery. It’s an organic ice bath. 😉 For those of you who thought I was crazy, you’ll think I’m nuttier when I tell you that I take ice baths during hard weeks and races. It helps! Now I have Boulder Creek, my new friend.

Race Across America starts in a few days…it’s only a 3,052 mile race. I’m looking forward to tracking it. I know 2 people doing it this year. One, celebrity Nat Ross(also my friend, Tough Girl Janis Sandlin’s boyfriend). He is on the team favored to win(with Jay Henry, Mike Janelle, and another dude), and is a badass endurance guy. I just met Nat officially a week ago, and he is very charismatic. My other friend doing the race is Steve Holmes. He is doing an 8 person diabetic team (they run it like a time trial relay) called Team Type 1 and their goal is raise a million dollars for diabetes(and of course, to win their category). They have a race blog and the web site is If you are interested in donating or just reading about their endeavors, that’s the spot. I’m looking forward to all my big rides this week and topping the week off by going to NYC to visit Lara! I leave Thursday night.

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