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Part 1: BC Bike Race… in a nutshell

By July 9, 2014March 20th, 2017No Comments
I’m home fromBC Bike Raceand enjoying the recovery time.  My energy level will be back any day because BC Bike Race was the shortest stage race in the 6-7 day range I have ever done, but that doesn’t mean it was easy!  Most stage races outside North America feature courses that try to beat you down; they are long, grueling, and involve an insane amount of climbing and very rough dirt road riding.  North America focuses on the fun and the trails.
I am working on writing more detailed reports for MTBR, but for now, I’ll give you a quick rendition of the 2014 BCBR!
The facts:
7 stages, lots of techincal singletrack, almost all days were point to pointWe were transported by bus, bike, ferry, and those of us who were lucky – float planes!2014 had the most competitive women’s field by far in race history600 racers

Rocky Mountainhad free beer every day.

I did it self-supported until after Stage 6 when Matt arrived, and it was awesome to have someone wash my bike, pin my number, and be of general help when he came!I am happy with my performance!My wedding is 3 weeks from the finish of BC Bike Race

Quick rundown of each stage:
Stage 1: North Shore  …..   2nd Place
I was nervous at the start.  I was afraid of getting hurt since my last BC Bike Race in 2012 resulted in an IV one day and a broken wrist.  My wedding was on my mind; I didn’t want to be injured on the special day, but I told myself I could get injured riding at home too!  I was also nervous because I wanted to feel good and perform well.  Everything worked out great!  It had poured rain for days leading up to Stage 1 and the North Shore was in typical form.  Wet roots, rocks, mud and technical.  I was running too much tire pressure.  It was frustrating and I was struggling with the roots.  The ideal tire pressure after a couple days of tweaking was around 17 PSI for BC coastal riding.  I rode strong on the climbs, smooth on most of the techincal and finished 2nd place, less than 2 minutes behind Olympian Lea Davison.  I was surprised and stoked. I knew 3rd place for the day, Wendy Simms (multi-time winner of BCBR) would be turning it up a notch after Stage 1!