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Pedal Dem Legs

By January 17, 2010March 22nd, 20175 Comments

This is the first weekend I’ve spent in Colorado since 2009.  Fortunately, the weather was mild in the 50s, but it has been cloudy!  I am in my third and final month of base training, and starting to introduce some light to moderate intensity to build muscular endurance. I’m just glad it’s not freezing and snowing.

My hip is sore, but manageable.  The worst is when I’m laying in bed at night.  I’m not sleeping that well for a number of reasons, but that’s the worst of it.  The training camp I was going to next weekend in St George (Camp Lynda) got canceled due to a high chance of rain.  Once those trails get wet, you can’t really ride them.  Bummer for sure, but that’ll buy me a few more days at home before I have to head to LA for Ergon related work for a week.  That will be fun too!

And of course, a few photos from the weekend.

Carter Lake… I don’t enjoy this ride, but it’s a good, flat continuous effort. I try to make myself do it once a week.

The canyons are still crisp.

And the deer in Boulder County are plentiful… and everywhere… and not shy.

Here I come! Beep! Beep!

“And you are…?” (umm, dude, you have one antler)


Dirt roads are good.

Very good.

My buddy keeping me motivated. How do ya like his new white glasses?

I’m trying out some new lenses on my Adidas Adilibria Shield glasses. I usually use smaller lenses, but it turns out the big ones really block the wind and elements nicely. I like to call it the huge windshield on my face! hehe Nahhh, they are cool!

A quick video, composed by J to the K.

Lefthand Canyon from Jeff Kerkove on Vimeo.

Serenity… now.

Tomorrow, I’m putting on some DH skis, and heading to Loveland. I’ve never skiied there before (just ridden the Lenawee Trail). The ski area is on the continental divide and tops out at 13,010′. Sweet.


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