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By February 24, 2007March 22nd, 2017No Comments

First off, stout month at my favorite brew pub is coming to a close, so I had to make sure to get some heavy sampling in… I everyone enjoys pics of me looking all bleary eyed and dumb, so here you go! 🙂

Neven, Lisa, and the boys. I love downhillers. 🙂

Next, here are some pics from the bike fit I promised… I don’t know where the rest went…

Mr. Nat, me, and my sexy bike.

And now some ride photos. It hasn’t snowed in like a week, so stuff is starting to melt. Hopefully spring is here to stay! 🙂

me and the Jung.

These are from a pretty epic ride Chris, me, and Brian did last weekend.

sexy cycling boys

Gold Hill Convience store. We ran into Kerry B and her buds.

a ride later in the week

I love the view… this is why I do this.

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