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Pics and stories from the big snowstorm

By December 24, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Last Wed., I looked out the window at 8 AM. I saw a light dusting of snow, but was not what I was expecting after the foreboding weather forecast the night before, suggesting we’d get 2 ft of snow. I said, “Oh, it’s not BAD at all!! I’ll make my flight today. NO PROBLEM!” Almost instantly after I said that, huge snowlakes aggressively started to BLOW horizontally. Just hours later, the roads were totally covered and the storm was socked in. Flights were getting canceled right and left with the Denver airport eventually closing down for 2 days leaving 65,000 people stranded. By Wed. night, all of Boulder was shut down. I told the story of the food conquest in my entry “later Wed. night.” so see that and some of these pics will make more sense. It snowed more in Colorado today. (I am in Albuquerque) I decided to get a ride with my friend Jack and not deal with the airport BS on Saturday when I was supposed to fly out. I thought I could just take my flight back. I called the airline, and after being on hold for 45 minutes, they told me that they cancel my return flight if I don’t take the flight out. And not only that…but they were going to charge me a $100 FEE. total BS. This was Frontier airlines. After spending a lot of time on the phone with this sarcastic agent, I was angry. I tried to find cheaper flights back- 1 way flights. They were 200 bucks. Rental car- 120 bucks+gas. I called Frontier back and after holding, talked to someone else who said I could take my return flight back for no fee. Normally they would charge me 100 bucks, but b/c of the conditions in Denver, they aren’t doing that. So all is well, but I could have lost 100 dollars. I’m really glad my dad encouraged me fly back. I was disgruntled to say the least. Now I can relax, but getting here has been a nightmare! I started my training camp too…easing into it with a 2 hour ride yesterday and going big today with a 4 hour ride. I’m shooting for two 18 hour weeks. It is pretty cold here in Albuquerque too, with snow on the ground.

The Dark Horse: where I had my burger. AKA the ghetto townie bar. I actually went there several times last year since it was across the street from my apt.

This is definitely a port in a storm!

They try to play matchmaker. Everyone goes into the wrong bathroom the first time. The door marked “men” is actually not the men’s bathroom. The door marked “women” is the men’s bathroom.

Ahhh yes. Nothing like a dark beer. 🙂

Running in the snow! Thigh high… FUN! I dove in head first too.

This is a car

Snow shots! (some I stole from Liz’s blog)

My hair was frozen.

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