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Robert Cheeke is 220 pounds of pure muscle.  As a vegan bodybuilder, author of x books, and motivational speaker, he has impacted many lives. He went vegan in 1995 when he was 120lbs and has built a physique naturally that shows his dedication to health, hard work, and consistency. And those themes not only show up in his athletic life, but in all aspects of his life.

Robert is the author of 4 books, with his most recent book, The Plant-Based Athlete available for pre-sale now! It comes out in June and chronicles exactly how to succeed as a plant-based athlete. It also includes stories of plant-based Olympians, World Champions, and successful athletes. I was deeply honored to be featured in this amazing book and humbled to be on the list with some legends. Make sure you pre-order a copy of the book. It also has more than 60 scrumptious plant-based recipes (and a few of my own!)

It all comes down to showing up. You gotta be at the starting line in order to achieve those things.  And what it means to even get to the starting line. You have to dig deeper, you have to figure out why you’re doing it,  why it matters to you. Why you’re there, what it’s going to mean to you when you do it. What it can mean to you if you don’t, if you don’t even try. Those kinds of things really connected with me and made me want to work harder while I was writing the book

Robert Cheeke

You’ll hear themes of showing up, work ethic, confidence, and not giving up.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • how bodybuilding changed his confidence and identity
  • the problem with leading with ego
  • Robert’s ego checking moment
  • tips for building muscle
  • co-writing The Plant-Based Athlete with Matt Frazier (NoMeatAthlete)
  • confidence and drive to do the unknown
  • work ethic


Listen Now: The Plant-Based Athlete


Calorie Density Chart by Jeff Novick, RD


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