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Going plant-based for athletes is definitely a trend.  I sat down with Brenda Davis, one of the top authorities and dietitians in plant-based nutrition to go all-in on plant-based nutrition for athletes.  As the co-author of the incredibly comprehensive book, Becoming Vegan, a Vegetarian Hall of Famer, author of x books, an expert in reducing the world’s Type II Diabetes problems with Plant-Based Diets. She teaches lifestyle medicine courses all over the world, has been flown by the prince of Saudi Arabia to Saudi Arabia to consult on diet.  A highly sought after speaker traveling several times per month to speak and pretty much the vision of health and fitness, Brenda is amazing.  And I think it’s pretty clear that I like her alot! Brenda first came on the show 2 years ago and was my very first podcast episode I ever recorded.  We became friends from that day forward and I’m always inspired by how Brenda lives her life.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Why keto diets are dangerous
  • How to eat for weight loss
  • Rice and arsenic
  • The final verdict on gluten
  • Should you buy organic grains
  • Everything you need to know about iron as a vegan
  • Do you need to supplement?
  • How much soy is safe?
  • Lectins in beans & bean digestibility
  • Sprouting; sprouted breads
  • The best anti-inflammatory food

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