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We’re big fans of NoMeatAthlete on this show. Sonya recently had the chance to interview No Meat Athlete Founder Matt Frazier (you can listen here) and this week, she sat down with CEO Matt Tullman. 

Not only is Matt the CEO of NoMeatAthlete, he’s also the co-founder and CEO of 80/20 Plants, Complement, and Plant Bites. His career focus is nutrition-first health companies and driving the movement for plant-based lifestyles.

Prior to his nutrition-based companies, Matt founded The Digital Education Company (digest), helping K-12 schools transition from textbooks to technology. He was also the Managing Director of 7wire Ventures, a firm that started, incubated, and invested capital in businesses focused on health, education, and energy.

In this week’s episode, Sonya and Matt discuss plant-based diets, business, 80/20 and more.

I’ve learned to really listen to my energy and kind of what I’m drawn towards because I will probably work as hard as anybody when it comes to things that I really want to do. No matter number of hours, no caffeine necessary, I’ll do whatever it takes because I really want to create this thing; I’m fascinated about this problem…

Matt Tullman

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Key Takeaways

  • How to know what information to trust
  • Eating as many plants as possible
  • Business life. start-ups. transitions
  • How he joined No Meat Athlete
  • 80/20 plants
  • Time management 




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