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Sonya has been committed to a plant-based diet for almost a decade. Her interest in and passion for the benefits of plant-based eating has led her to connect to those equally committed to the space. 

Cue this week’s episode with Stevan Mirkovich – owner of Planted Expo, a trade show, platform, and network to connect Canadians to local vegan and plant-based businesses. Sonya will be speaking at Planted Expo this weekend and had a chance to speak with Stevan leading up to the event.

Stevan is a recovering food addict, who experienced overeating, junk-food veganism, and eventually found his way to a plant-based style of living. He has guided hundreds of people in plant-based nutrition, cooking through sharing educational resources to help people transition to a better way of eating.

Sonya and Stevan had a fantastic conversation spanning the topics of leadership, cooking, plant-based diets, human connection, and more.

“That control piece is an interesting one because the truth is, you’re the only one that can control what you eat, or should be the only one that controls what you eat, right? And it shouldn’t be, well my spouse does this or my partner does this or my family does this, and therefore, I can’t have the agency that I’m looking for in my dietary choices…just to really stay narrow here. But, that being said, it is tricky because the nuance there is what you raised, in that a lot of our responses to our emotional upheaval or our emotional dysregulation is a desire for control. That desire for control can express itself in a variety of settings, in a variety of ways. For me, it happened to express itself through controlling what I eat and I think probably for a lot of people that is the truth. So it’s reframing your perception of control and not abnegating your agency in what you choose to eat, but also having a healthier relationship with the choices you make around food when you’re aware of your emotional state.” 

– Stevan Mirkovich

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Key Takeaways

  • When something throws life out of balance
  • For the love of food and coffee
  • All About the Planted Expo
  • Plant-based cooking tips
  • Going plant-based in 2003
  • Emotions around food
  • Searching for control
  • Food as a social issue
  • Importance of human connection




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