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Playing in the dark

By September 1, 2009March 22nd, 20172 Comments

I haven’t done a night ride since 24 Hours of Old Pueblo in February, so I decided to break out the lights. Eszter and I do the same races, and we both are getting ready for Vapor Trail (although she’ll be trying to kick butt and win, whereas I’ll be trying to just to survive after all the upcoming chaos) When I said I was heading out to do some night riding, she came along (which is good b/c I didn’t want to go alone!).


We just headed out to some local trails (Marshall Mesa), and rode some of the newer stuff across the highway that I haven’t been on yet. The best thing about the ride was the sounds. The crickets were really loud. The worst part was all the bugs flying down my throat. haha.

We talked about how scary mountain lions are, and fortunately the worst we saw was a bunch of cute little toads. I caught one that was the size of a nickel!!

This was a big one. I used to catch toads as a kid!


It was so fun that I didn’t want to stop! I’ll be doing a night ride a little further north tomorrow night with Carney and Yuki!


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