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Playing on my bike!

By May 14, 2009March 22nd, 20178 Comments

I finally had good bike ride!!  In between my races the past few weeks, I have been struggling through my rides.  Today, I felt strong and hungry for more.  I took the road bike up Lefthand Canyon to Ward. (~50 miles and 4000′ elevation gain) There were tons of people out enjoying the 70F weather.  I was even sweating!


It’s the time of year where I can wear shorts every day on my rides.  I still have to take a jacket in my pocket though.  That’s how it is when you get to ride up to 10,000 ft!


I love the smell of the mountains in the spring.  It’s one of my favorite smells period.


Spottin’ tree line.  I can’t wait to ride there.

By the time I got back, Mr. Kerkove had arrived with my NEW BIKE!  I took it for a spin around the parking lot to make some fine tuned adjustments.  I’m excited!


I got home feeling energized and wanting to go ride my bike up every mountain in the area.  Instead, I remembered that I just raced a 50 on Saturday, and I am probably still fragile.  Must keep the focus on recovery.

P5147233I came home to find a nice surprise!  I have been drinking the Orange FRS (full cal version which is 120 cal per serving).  I’m not obsessed with calories, but if I do 2 servings a day, that translated to an extra 240 cal which is kind of a lot.  Sooo… FRS was awesome and sent me the low cal Peach Mango concentrate.  It tastes sooo good (like a smoothie) and it only has 20 calories a serving.  Now I can watch my girlish figure.  The FRS chews are also tasty and lower cal.  People have asked me a bunch of questions about them via Twitter.  Basically, they are not really in the same category as Clif Blocks or Gu Chomps -those are a carbohydrate replacement fuel like a gel.  The chews are the same idea as the drink – an antioxidant health drink.  E.g.  Quercetin and vitamins to aide recovery since there is an oxidation process that produces free radicals when you work out.  Free radicals make you tired and slow recovery.  I started taking FRS at Sea Otter, and both Jeff and I can tell a difference.  Goooood stuff.

Tomorrow will most likely be an easy day.  I look forward to see what Rick da man has in store for me this weekend.  I hope I get to do some big rides!


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