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This week’s episode is podcast recess.  My husband, Matt Ewonus is back to co-host!  We wanted to discuss some topics that are on our minds a lot at our house.  We are both incredibly fortunate to be doing what we love for work and in our lives!  However, you can push the pendulum too far, even when you’re passionate about what you’re doing.  Last year, we both got really burnt-out and wanted to share the signs of burn-out and how to get better.  We also talk about new habits and goals we are setting for ourselves this year.  We talked about expectations and being happy with where you are now vs always chasing achievement in the future.  We also talked about what self-care habits we are doing more of this year and how we are ensuring that we actually do them.  This was a pretty vulnerable episode so I hope you enjoy it !

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Dealing with burnout: signs of burnout and how to recover for burnout
  • How to identify what really makes you happy
  • Self-Care habits we are implementing
  • Balancing the drive for achievement vs enjoying the moment
  • How to get more clarity in your life
  • How to get over cravings

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