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Post Epic Haze

By August 30, 2010March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I managed to get through the relentless craving on Saturday. The little voice inside me kept saying, “You are dying to ride today. Come on… do it. You know you want to.” but I was able to keep it at bay. Don’t ask me why I was dying to ride my bike just the day after finishing a stage race. It must be bike love.

I thought, “What can I do to distract myself from my bike… my needy bike who constantly begs me for attention?” Call Brad. My housemate/pretend big brother. I said, “Brad. I need to do something other than some form of bike, hike, or run in the mountains, and it needs to be fun.” He had just the remedy….

He was much braver than me. I thought I was a badass doing a cannonball. And yes, I squeal like a girl when freezing water is splashed on me.


Then I said, “I wonder if those rocks are like a water slide,” provoking him.


and then we got thirsty.


Thirsty for the little green flower….

The hop flower. My dark master.
Sunday, I gave in to the voices.


I rode with my friend Ty. He knew this was a Porcini mushroom, and the latin word for it. I was amazed to see all the wild mushrooms growing in the mountains… especially all the “magic” ones in Breck.

We tried to do the cool tricks on the trail. This stupid log was round, and it would move when you got up on it. I tried, and failed miserably over and over.


Ty was a little more skilled than I.

I managed to stay off my bike today, although today, my running shoes got the best of me but I kept it short. I also missed the first week of school due to the Breck Epic (whoops), so I have that and work to catch back up with. Oh yeah, and unpacking my apartment. My stuff has lived here more than I have, but it’s almost home!

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