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Pound it out

By March 18, 2009March 22nd, 20172 Comments

Oof. I was exhausted from my Monday ride, but I pushed through it. The first 40 minutes were the worst – I had to put it in the middle ring to pedal downhill. ha! I went out to my usual mountain bike route (until the snow melts) at Heil/Picture Rock Trail. It’s a trade-off – if I drive to the trail, I can do Heil/Picture Rock/Hall Ranch in 4 hours. If I ride to the trail head, I only have time for Heil/Picture Rock.

Once I got to the trail, I tried to turn the dial to max effort for the rest of the ride. It hurt and it was clear I was fatigued (which is a good thing right now since I am leaving for vacay tomorrow). It’s amazing how difficult things get when your legs are dead. I wasn’t clearing all the technical sections I usually power over with no problem, and my balance was a little off. I had fun, but rocky trails can be frustrating when you’ve lost your mojo.

Wild Turkeys… again. One was in the trail. “Turkey Dinner….Who will get the drumsticks? yummy yummy yum sticks, all sit down. all sit down.”

I love traveling, but it can be overwhelming and stressful when you have back to back trips. I read this article recently, and it was a good reminder that it’s important to keep all types of stress in check. Everything has an effect on training.

One more day of training today and I’m off to Florida tomorrow morning. A direct quote from Rick da man, “I want you to crawl onto that boat.” I’ll be updating my blog until Saturday, and then I will be *gasp* without internet or cell service for 6 days!!! DUN DUN DUN!! The benefit will be great photos from way down South. I’ll be posting pics of sand and beaches and tropical heaven for a change.

Time to nail my face to my stem and drool all over myself!


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