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By July 20, 2008March 22nd, 2017One Comment

I got behind because my internet poaching skills are subpar, but I got camera happy and took like 90 pics this weekend…so I won’t leave you hanging. 🙂

Mr. Kerkove and I headed up to Breck on Friday and rode a little portion of the course to get the legs primed and ready, and to giggle at the buffed out, smooth, delightful Colorado Trail. That was actually one of the first times I have actually ridden the CO Trail (shame on me). I want to go back in the fall and do some epic rides.

Pre-ride Pointing with the imperial finger.

trail At least the beetles contribute to making the forest more colorful. Not cool.

Working on my video skillz…work in progress, and next time sans girly giggling and screaming.

Pre ride Ugh. I’m sick of waiting for you. (hehe)

Drivin' das team vagen Fahren Die Team Vagen in Das Topeak Ergon Shades.

Blogging is so fun! Coffee and working at 6:30 AM. That’s hardcore. Yes people. He actually does take off the helmet and sunglasses sometimes….

One Comment

  • Rob Webb says:

    Hi Sonya, had to see what you’ve been doing lately.

    First time on the CO trail? Wow! May I suggest the Crest Ride, Monarch Pass to Silver Creek. A CO classic!

    Good luck in your races. Later, Rob

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