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Pre-riding for National Marathon Champs

By June 27, 2009March 22nd, 2017One Comment

The time is coming. Marathon National Championships is coming one week from today. It is touted at 50 miles and 10,800′ of climbing… although I think it’s more like 9000′ total.   All the big dogs come to this one, so competition will be fierce (like david and goliath), so I need all the possible advantages I can get. The part of the loop last weekend covered in snow is now clear for riding. Lucky me! Today I had a whole posse to ride with. Rebecca Tomaszewski (WICKI!), Deejay Birch (both are on Ergon Niner), SS Jake Kirkpatrick, old guy hammer John (I swear, everyone I have met from IA is tough), Mr. Kerkove, Carney 1, and Carney 2 were in in tow.

Last night’s dinner fueled me well. mmm sooo good, especially after living on peanut butter and oatmeal all week! We went to 14th St Grill with Rebecca and Deejay in Boulder.

Riding with my homies.


Rebecca and I.  She’s my buddy!!! 😀

Our group split up a bit during the ride due to different ambitions for the day.  I found myself riding with Jake, Deejay, and Carneys for most of the day.  I was trying to make them work a bit.  Key word here is “trying.”  I was probably the only one who was actually working though. ha!


Today was a perfect day with 70F temps, clear, sunny skies, the smell of fresh pine and mountain earth, and the best company I could ask for.

The snow may have been gone, but there were a bunch of huge fallen trees. Everyone through the hole!

I love Wicki!

Wet Trail!

No ornaments on those trees.

The full lap wasn’t as bad as I remembered, but at race pace it will be! 🙂

Tomorrow, it’ll be the first day I have ridden up at Nederland all year… and the first time my brand new hard tail will ever have been ridden.  YEAH!

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