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Preppin for the weekend

By June 2, 2009March 22nd, 20175 Comments

Coach has given me the thumbs up to do the Teva Mountain Games XC on Saturday!

Picture 2

This will be good intensity training, which I am trying to focus on for the month leading up to Marathon Nationals on July 4.  Now that I have a strong endurance built under me, it’s time to start training at or above threshold to revv the engine.  I think I might have to warm up for 2 hours!

It’s been raining all day today and I just have an easy ride on tap.  Tomorrow I’m heading up to Fort Collins to ride some trails (assuming they are dry!)  I decided to change my tire set-up for the Vail course.  There is a lot of steep climbing involved, so I will be running the Continental Super Sonic Mountain King on the front, and the Continental Supersonic Race King on the back.  I previously ran the Race King on both tires, but found I liked the side knobs on the front so it’s harder to wash out the front tire. I was using the Protection series for the Gunnison Growler which is a bit stronger of a tire.

My hardtail is on the way from Germany, but it’s not looking like it’ll be here in time for the Teva Mountain Games!  I’m looking forward to it – it will be ultra lightweight!

Picture 3

Other super cool news, is that my teammate over in the UK, Sally Bigham, has again taken the marathon national champion title of the UK!! She won last year too. Congrats Sally!


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