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That’s the theme of the month. It is amazing to me how much preparation a race like CTR requires. Every day is something new. Deciding what things I need versus the things I want to have with me during the race is tricky because every ounce counts. I know that I’m going to be uncomfortable. Every morning I wake up in my bed, I take it in because I’ll be waking up stiff, cold, sore, and tired every morning on the ground during CTR. Warm coffee? I appreciate that too. The only warmth going in my body the week of Aug 1 will be gas station food. I can’t believe it’s already July 8. August 1 is just around the corner. This is really happening.

Last weekend was a major boost in my confidence. So was Monday, July 4. On Sunday after the DDC, we loaded up the Ergon van with Pete Basinger on board (what a cooool guy!!!) and rolled to Breck. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel, but I loaded all my bags and backpack and took off on the Colorado Trail around Breck and headed to Georgia Pass. I wanted to ride to Leadville, but there was still massive amounts of snow over the Ten Mile Range. The more I do, the less scared I feel… Scared is being replaced with anxious. So anxious, in fact, that I dream about it every night and even wake up in the middle of the night with anticipation.

To my surprise, I barely noticed the weight on my bike and back, and my legs felt light. How does that work after 14.5 hours in the saddle Saturday? Whatever the case, I like it!

I am most familiar with the Colorado Trail around Breck from all the riding I’ve done up there with the Breck Epic. The yellow flowers were stunning.


Dandelions aren’t weeds in my book!



More hiking in the snow.


and over trees.



This weekend will be big. I’ll be heading out into the woods again. I will not get to wake up in my bed this weekend. Once again, my insatiable hunger for adventure wins… and I like it.

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