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Pro Bike Center, check it out!

By February 15, 2007March 22nd, 20172 Comments

I got my bike fit with Nat Ross on Monday night. I will have some photos soon, but man, a bike fit makes a world of difference. Parterning with wobble-naught, meaning wobble-zero for you non math nerds, it’s a very precise bike fit. It beats Boulder Center for Sports Medicine both in cost, technique, and methodology. It’s laser precise. Nat effectively measures your bones of the feet, legs, hips, spine, shoulders, and arms(from insertion points), and then your bike in free space. With these measurements, you get a total body fit. Conventional bike fits take you on the bike, and make measurements from there. It is not nearly as precise (take it from me, I’m an electrical engineer and a soon to be PhD student in Physiology). You get everything from handlebar position to seat angle, to mathematically placing your cleats in the perfect spot. It’s not a scam. I can see a HUGE difference in my power and riding this year, as much as 30%. All of the other Tough Girls can actually feel the difference.

  • Pro Bike Center
  • Wobble-Naught
  • Here are some quick team pics.

    This photo is actually an ad on and Hey, we’re famous. Thank you Borah Clothing! 🙂

    Team photo from our meeting the other night.


    • leapnlzrds says:

      are you going to post any pictures from all of your recent hill (ahem mountain) riding? or do you go sans camera?

    • playfish says:

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