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Imagine dedicating everything to your dreams and you actually achieve them.  Professional BMX Athlete Josh Perry had this life experience.  From seeing the X Games on TV to one day competing in them, Josh’s path to success was one full of hard work, dedication, and tenacity.  But at age 21, Josh went to the hospital after crashing on his head.  His MRI uncovered the unthinkable.  Brain tumors.  With his whole future and dream life in front of him, Josh was forced to wrestle with the emotions, depression, and challenges of his diagnaosis and he did so by sticking to riding his bike. Josh is the definition of resilience and positivity.  After surgically removing his tumors, more came back to take their place.  But after doing research, he discovered Gamma Knife Radiation and a radical lifestyle change to take back control of his life.  In this incredibly inspiring episode, you’ll hear how BMX taught Josh to get back up and keep going, even with brain tumors, how he lives with uncertainty and squashes anxiety, how to use comparison for the better, and his journey to eventually becoming a holistic health coach.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • How josh got into BMX
  • Josh going from watching X Games to competing in them
  • the day he received a crushing diagnosis of a brain tumor
  • how to deal with fear and anxiety
  • how we can use comparison for the better
  • how to recover and get confidence back after brain surgery, an injury, or a sickness
  • Josh’s journey to becoming a holistic healthy coach
  • Josh’s mindset shifts to help him get through any adversity

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