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Cyclists aren’t the only riders out there!  In fact, I was excited to receive an email from one of our fellow podcast listeners and it wasn’t what I was expecting!  The email was from Professional Equestrian, Emily Hamel.  She sent me a photo of her wearing of the Moxy & Grit jerseys on her horse!  If you’re not familiar with Moxy & Grit, it’s my apparel brand and we still have jerseys and socks at  I also learned she was a fellow vegan, that she loved sports psychology and mindset which was what brought her to listen to the show in the first place, and she is a badass!  She is a professional rider in 3 Day Eventing (basically a horse triathlon) and currently is the head rider for Phillip Dutton who has won 2 Olympic team golds and an individual bronze.  She goes over huge jumps with her horse and trains them herself. She also has her own podcast called The Whole Equestrian that is a wellness podcast for equestrians covering topics like mindset, fitness, nutrition, and community. I was really interested to learn about how Emily deal with nerves and exudes confidence because when you’re riding a huge animal, it can pick up on those things.  We talked about some of her techniques on how to relax, what 3 day eventing actually is, the pressure of having an audience watching you, what it’s like going over huge jumps on a horse and the trusting relationship between human and horse, the world of self-promotion and sponsorship, 

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • how she got into riding horses
  • the relationship and trust with the horse your ride
  • what is 3 day eventing?
  • how do you break and train a horse
  • can horses pick up on your anxiety?
  • how to exude confidence and deal with tension and pressure
  • when things go wrong when you’re trying to jump your horse
  • can the horse tell between practice and competition
  • what to do when you encounter a horse on a trail
  • what helps Emily with burnout
  • her journey to eating a plant-based diet

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