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Here is a little spiel about what I am all about. Have a look for yourself! I will work in mainly the Denver metro area. Right now I am trying to put an emphasis on cycling lessons.

Our goal: To help you achieve YOUR goals with fitness, nutrition, and sustainability. Improve your overall health!

Why get healthy? It will help you live longer, reduce your risk of heart disease (the number one killer of men and women in the US) and reduce risk of cancers. Plus, you will feel more energetic, sleep better, have more self-confidence, and look great!

How? There are lots of little things you can do to improve your health and energy levels. The hardest part is getting started. We’ll show you what to do, how to do it, and help you stay motivated. We offer individualized programs to help you be you! The level of commitment is up to you!

Programs offered:

Programs can easily be combined

General fitness program

Who is it for? People who are unfamiliar with exercise and want to start. We will assess what activity will best fit your personality and get you started. Whether you want to start hiking, cycling, weight lifting, or team sports, we will get you up and running!

Cycling Program

Starter Package: This package is for someone who is brand new to cycling and wants to get a bike. We will meet with you and determine what kind of riding you want to do. Then, we will go to the store or online and help you select a bike that will fit your needs, skill level, and goals. We will also help you select a helmet, discuss nutrition/sports drinks for riding, and where you should go ride. Included in this package is learning how to do general bike maintenance (oiling your chain, changing a flat tire) and a starter kit (includes a tube, pump, tire levers, chain lube, and multi-tool)

The Lesson Package:

Mountain biking: We will take you out riding on actual trails and show you the ropes of mountain biking, figure out your weaknesses, and suggest ways to improve.

Road biking: We will take you out on the road and show great places to go ride, rules of the road, and the basics of road riding.

The Coaching Package:

Now that you love riding your bike, you probably want to get faster. Maybe to show your friends how much faster you are than them, or maybe you want to try a race. We will design individualized training programs on a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. Prices vary depending on amount of contact and schedule frequency.

The Running Coach:

We will show you what to do to select the proper running equipment and design running programs based on your ability level and goals.

The Nutrition Program

Want to know how to eat healthier? We will do an analysis of your diet and go grocery shopping with you to help you make smart choices. We will also teach you what to look for on nutrition fact labels or ingredient lists, and discuss why some foods are better than others. We can also do a weekly nutrition analysis where you send us everything you eat and we can help you make better decisions about you fuel yourself with.

The GoGreen Program

Most of the time, the healthier you get, the healthier you want to be. Health is not only a fitness thing, but also living in a healthy environment. We will come to your house and help you do things to make your house more energy efficient, healthy, and do the work for you. Examples include changing all the light bulbs in your house to CFLS, adding air to your car tires to save on gas, discussing toxins in household and beauty products, and replacing them with more eco-friendly options.

*Fees can be a flat rate or hourly

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