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What does your closet look like?  Is it meticulously organized or is there stuff everywhere?  Greg McKeown loves using this analogy to describe how we organize our priorities and tasks in our mind.  Most of us go through life stretched too thin. With all of the inputs between work, email, social media, and our social lives, there never seems to be enough time in the day.  We are bombarded with notifications, images of things we feel like we should be doing, and we take on way too much. Sound familiar?  It strikes a chord with me!  Greg is the author of the NYT BestSeller, Essentialism.  He writes, teaches, and lectures around the world to help people choose what they should be prioritizing in life and how to develop the mindset of an Essentialist. He has appeared on the Steve Harvey Show and has spoken at Apple, Google, Salesforce, Facebook and more. What is an Essentialist? Essentialists have the mindset of “less but better” over trying to be everything of everyone.  Essentialists focus on only doing tasks that only relate to their highest contribution instead of constantly trying to do it all.  How do we begin to say no to the seemingly infinite things we should be doing?  How do we begin to eliminate the anxiety of not doing enough, create free space to be creative and play, and reduce our feelings of overwhelm?  In this podcast episode, you’ll learn what the actual mindset of an essentialist is (versus just going through the motions of doing less), how to say no, and the reality of trade-offs.

“If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.”

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • why we feel the pressure to say yes to everything
  • how our mind and to-do list are like a messy closet
  • how to define our priority
  • JOMO: Joy of missing out
  • the power of journaling
  • establishing an upper bound rule to win for the long run

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