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Putting in the time.

By December 13, 2008March 22nd, 20172 Comments

Yesterday was another zone 2, 3 hour day in the saddle. My legs are and were sore from the back to back 3h days in the saddle, but I was able to push through the ride.
It was crazy windy both yesterday and today in the Front Range. Yesterday, I headed up towards Estes Park and back.

Today was a 5 hour ride up to Ward, peak to peak, and down through Lyons. It always surprises me that the ride up to Ward is around 4000′ of climbing b/c it’s so gentle. One of my best buds – Anne – rode with me today, so the time went by fast.

PC135162 Anne. She races on the road bikes and XC skiing.

PC135156 Clouds were building in the mountains, and once we hit about 8500′, the snow came for a little bit.

…and Xmas Caroling at 9000′

PC135148 It was definitely chilly in the mountains, but nothing too bad.

PC135163 It’s the freaking Rockies man! I would rather ride up high and freeze than ride flats day after day after day on the same roads. When the roads are snow packed and intensity has to stay low, flats are sometimes the only option. And yeah, still loving my compact cranks.

Tomorrow will be another story….
Picture 1 14 degrees? WTF

Saddle time so far this week? 17 hours. Tomorrow will be a hiking day.


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