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Race Day tomorrow

By July 3, 2009March 22nd, 20173 Comments

Not just any race… marathon national championships. I drove up to Breck in some crazy rain yesterday after work (I was able to get out of Boulder around 2 PM). The 4th on July traffic on I-70 to the mountains is always a nightmare. It wasn’t too hellish, but there were definitely some spots that were stop and go, and many curse words uttered at people driving like idiots in the closed, secluded space of the Tough Bastard… and I’m sure that at times, people were yelling at me. 🙂

I got to meet some more of the Kerkove clan (I am surrounded!! haha), who are very graciously letting me stay with them in Breck. Jeff and I cooked a very delicious dinner.


Jeff and I took the road up aways.

I decided to ride up part of the singletrack we come down. Today was my 4th ride on the hardtail, and I decided that this will be the bike I will use tomorrow. With the right tire pressure, I could barely tell a difference. I just have to remember to stay loose! The difference the bike makes on the climbs will more than make up the teeny bit slower nature of a hardtail on the descents.
Just let those brake levers go.


The weather here has been a bit spotty… rain on and off. We’ll see what is in store for tomorrow. Last time I checked the forecast, it said 40% chance of rain. I just hope it works out ok up at 11,500′.


Regardless of what happens tomorrow, it will be fun and I am looking forward to spending July 4 in town!


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