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Race Recap

By April 10, 2006No Comments

Howdy! I know it’s been awhile. My life is kinda going crazy right now… hard times at school, possible break-up, no funding for school next year… no fun. On the up side, it was 80 degrees here in Boulder today. I enjoyed the sunshine and gorgeous mountains with a run and bike ride. I had my first race of the season last weekend in Golden, CO. It was a collegiate race, specifically a hill climb time trial. I am not the best at TTs, but I did this to see where I’m at as far as fitness. I am a climber though, so this suited one of my strengths. I didn’t get to preride and as a result, was a little too conservative. I ended up getting 2nd which I am very happy about since last year I did terrible in a collegiate TT. However, I should have gone harder!!! Maybe I could have won it. Tom Danielson even showed up to the race in his Discovery Channel gear. He started two guys in front of me. It was weird having a Tour de France rider right in front of me like that. And folks, this guy is skinny. You don’t realize how skinny these top guys are until you stand next to one. I took it easy on him…I didn’t want him to feel too bad if he got run down by a GIRL. ha, right. Next race is this upcoming weekend in Durango. It’s another collegiate road race. Mountain bike season officially starts next month for me. I’m peaking for my first race, Chili Challenge in Angel Fire, NM.

I got a job at Wild Oats a few weeks ago. I work in the deli/juice bar. I need to pay off some bills before race season gets into full swing. The job is alright. There are some weird people that come in! You just don’t see it as a shopper there, but when you see everyone…you see the wack jobs. I only work there 2 days a week, so it’s not bad at all. It is a nice break from engineering although it involves a LOT of cleaning since I have to take closing shifts.

School’s out for the summer…. in about 4 weeks. I can’t wait!!!!! I have been looking forward to spending the whole summer in Colorado since I was little. It’s going to be great… and NO HOMEWORK!!!!! YAAAHHHOOOOOOOOOO. I have an internship at Xcel Energy and don’t even have to work 40 hours a week. I’ll shoot for 25-30 hours/wk and race my bike. That sounds like a dream come true to me. Funny…now I spend 20 hours/wk JUST working on homework for ONE class every week. What a nice change! I’ll take my camera to Durango and take some refreshing new pics for my peeps.

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