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Rain,rain! Go away!

By April 28, 2006No Comments

Despite going to bed at 2:30AM, I still woke up at 8 AM as usual. Unfortunately, I woke up to rain! This week is being mean to be!! I’m supposed to be getting in one last week of training before Gila so later, I may be doing intervals with my heart in my throat, and getting my bike all dirty. I guess it wouldn’t be the first time!

Last night was really fun. I had drinks with Fred Dreier, celebrity mountain bike editor at Velonews. Fred is a cool guy, goofy like me. At the Rio, there was this horrible band…so after pretending to rock out and suck down a rita on the rocks, we moved on. We ran into a lot of cool people including Henk Vogels… a totally badass European pro(on Lotto) who is just in Boulder for the week. He does the Giro, Tour de France, you name it!! We also ran into the Nicks(Ranno and Martin). It’s a good time. It’s actually fun to go to the bars in Boulder(compared to Albuquerque). It’s not super ghetto. Albuquerque boys would think they are heaven because there are a lot of hot chicks. In Albuquerque, homie G funks cruise up and down Central with their bling bling, old english last names on the back windows, hydraulics pumping, and their mouths screaming out the windows at the chicas. Most of these chicas are actually hoochie mamas. Hoochie mama= fat, too much make-up, big nasty hair, wearing clothes that are WAY too small for them and trying to act all tough, with the New Mexican accent. Hot! Hot! Hot!

TGIF! I’m so excited for the summer to be here! Yes! I have wanted to live in Colorado over the summer for my whole life.

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