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Real food, whole life. This is the key to The Feel Good Effect- a methodology by Robyn Conley Downs.  Robyn believes wellness needs to be simplified into small shifts to create big changes in your mindset, behaviors and decision making. The Feel Good Effect takes Robyn’s big ideas and makes them easy to execute with simple shifts. Her website, Real Food Whole Life is home to all things health and wellness and Robyn uses simple, science-backed strategies to help people cut through life’s clutter to uncover small shifts that create huge change. She believes in finding more calm, ease and joy in your life right now; and lives by her motto, gentle is the new perfect.
Holding a Master’s degree in education with an emphasis in behavior change, and 4 years of public policy & health change at the doctoral level, Robyn’s work taps into cutting-edge science around psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, and habits. Recently named one of the Most Influential Women in Wellness, she helps people cut through life’s clutter to uncover small shifts that create huge change.  Make sure you also check out Real Food Whole Life which is the home of the Feel Good Effect.

What is Real Food Whole Life?

Health and Wellness according to Robyn Conley Downs is about self-compassion, gratitude and flexibility. It’s about making important decisions, how to stop beating yourself up, and how to switch from a striving mindset to a feel good mindset.
The perfection, all-or-nothing thinking, comparison path isn’t a great one, but it’s often the one we’re on. But we can start walking a different direction with self-compassion, and gratitude and flexible thinking and we can end up getting different results.”     
-Robyn Conley Downs

Topics Discussed: Real Food Whole Life

  • how to make sustained changes in your life
  • identifying thought patterns that hold you back
  • the problem with willpower
  • how to create a routine if you hate routines
  • how to make big decisions in life
  • how to stop beating yourself up
  • The Feel Good Challenge

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