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A Quick Tip on Rebuilding Confidence & Self-Efficacy

By August 16, 2021May 30th, 2023No Comments

Confidence and self-efficacy are closely linked.  However, there are some differences.  In most cases when we talk about confidence, we actually mean self-efficacy and are using the words interchangeably.  Dr. Albert Bandura has contributed an enormous body of work about self-efficacy.

Here is how he defined the difference between confidence and self-efficacy: 

“It should be noted that the construct of self-efficacy differs from the colloquial term “confidence.” Confidence is a nondescript term that refers to strength of belief but does not necessarily specify what the certainty is about. I can be supremely confident that I will fail at an endeavor. Perceived self-efficacy refers to belief in one’s agentive capabilities, that one can produce given levels of attainment. A self-efficacy assessment, therefore, includes both an affirmation of a capability level and the strength of that belief. Confidence is a catchword rather than a construct embedded in a theoretical system. 

See Self-Efficacy: The Exercise of Control, 1997, p. 382

Self-efficacy is a believe that we can do a certain task, and it’s something that we can train.  The easiest example is when you crash and lose confidence and efficacy that you can ride technical trails.  You slowly prove to yourself that you are capable by getting back out there and slowly taking on just manageable challenges until you can affirm your skill level and strength of belief.

We lose confidence and efficacy in other areas of our life too.  It could be at work, our people skills, our skills in the kitchen, driving… you name it.  How do you continue building on existing feelings of self-efficacy or repair your self-efficacy after a setback? How to continue to train self-efficacy? 

By looking at past successes, you create a narrative of credibility and capability.  “I’ve done this thing, I can do this other thing.”  The best way to do that is by logging your daily wins.  If you read last week’s newsletter, it was about overcoming the negativity bias or our propensity to overweight the negative thoughts and experiences.  This line of thought is detrimental to self-efficacy.

The fastest way to get on track to building more self-belief and affirmation of skills is by tracking it.  This free worksheet from you is a page from my Moxy & Grit Mindset Academy Workbook.  The entire academy is about goal setting, motivation, confidence, self-talk and more so you crush it on and off the bike.  Try filling out the worksheet every day for 1-2 weeks.  A daily win can be something very small or it can be something very big.  It will get you in the habit of realizing you ARE capable of more than you thought!

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