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Recovery week

By November 18, 20083 Comments

Due to my very active off-season, I have been instructed by coach to take it easy this week. We start with our 2009 training structure on Monday, and it appears to be very consistent base miles. I will ride 6 days a week for the same amount of time, and build from there. I’m looking forward to the structure!!

Today I took a recovery ride. Believe it or not, recovery rides are harder for me than intervals. Going easy and ignoring my craving for climbing up canyons is very difficult. In fact, I rode up towards 4 mile canyon (at a nice and easy pace). I had to yell at myself inside my head to turn around. I finally complied and took the flats. It’ll be an adjustment, but it’s sooo important to pound out the base miles and ride slower.

I also had a chiropractic consultation today. They took some xrays and some measurements, and talked about wellness. I know I am messed up for multiple reasons (like crashing and sliding down the side of a hill on my back and having it be tweaked for a month, (Dakota 5-0) an ex-broken tailbone that still hurts, and constant pain in my neck and midback), so I am going back to hear more information about how they will help me. They do tailbone adjustments, so I am very much looking forward to not being in pain while sitting on the floor any longer! My ass ligaments are tweaked to the max, so it will push everything back in place. In general, I think some chiropractic work will really help my recovery. My neck muscles are so tight, you could see them in the Xray. I also distribute my weight very unevenly – 9 pounds more on my right leg than my left leg. It’ll be interesting to track my progress and well-being. I can’t wait to see how it goes. It’s too bad that massage and chiro work is so pricey and most health insurance doesn’t cover it because I feel that bodywork is actually as or more important as going to the regular doctor. There are lots of things that pills just can’t fix.

I’ll do another easy recovery ride tomorrow and get a mountain bike(My Scott HT from last year) ready to ship back home for the holidays so I can rip singletrack in the Querque! It’s been sitting in my closet for almost a year, so there is some work to be done. I need to sell it this spring at some point. It will be nice to have a mountain bike here and one in the 505, I just wish it was the Cannondale Taurine. Flippin’ sweet!


  • when i read this sentence,

    “I also distribute my weight very unevenly – 9 pounds more on my right leg than my left leg.”

    I totally heard your T-Rex walk. THUNK thunk THUNK thunk.

  • James says:

    I can totally recommend the Chiro work. I get ‘adjusted’ every 4-6 weeks. So much more power to the pedals after. The bike is not really the most ergonomic tool out there no matter how well it is set up! Also lucky in Australia as the health insurance supplements chiro and massage up to about 50%. Hope your base work goes well. Recovery rides suck! but are so necessary.

  • Brian Stevens says:

    Rick Crawford is really good. It is hard to listen to your coach when it goes against a lot of what you thought worked. ( my wife is my coach and if I don’t listen to my wife AND my coach you can imagine the problems….) Stick with it and enjoy the success in the season to come.

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