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If you love gravity and extreme mountain biking, you’ve probably heard of the Frenchman, Remy Metailler.  He has been a top rider at Red Bull Rampage for many years, has solid performances at urban downhill racing around the world, and he’s the incredible mountain biker you imagine as a Whistler Bike Park legend. He is also passionate about teaching others about anything related to mountain biking through his YouTube Channel. He talks about all the nuances of bike, tire, and suspension set-up so you’re dialed for your ride, trail previews of popular trails, especially the lines you’d never consider riding, and more pro tips.  Plus, he can pretty much ride the impossible.

Remy also loves the business of being a pro mountain biker and has built his career with his own team of partners, is a well-known product tester for many brands he works with (and he does push his bike to the limit with the type of riding he does).  He also loves trail riding.  I loved talking to Remy because he reminds us how important it is to focus on the development of skills, truly understanding how all of your equipment works, how to analyze what happened if something goes wrong on a trail, and how important progression and safety are when it comes to riding technical terrain.  He is also passionate about the environment and we got into what he does to make a positive impact near the end of the show and of course- the questions you guys submitted!  I think you’ll enjoy this episode because not only is Remy extremely knowledgeable, but he is articulate, very honest, and humble.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • What is Red Bull Rampage and how does it work?
  • Urban Downhill racing
  • dealing with pressure, riding slow
  • Crashing, Confidence, Trying it Again
  • Learning to be analytical about your skills and riding
  • improving on fundamentals
  • weight lifting and key exercises Remy does in the gym
  • Risk and Safety (VIDEO)
  • The business side of Remy’s career: sponsors & content
  • How to deal with the comparison game
  • Listener questions:
    • Favorite place to ride
    • Comparison game in YouTube and social media
    • Why did he move to canada from france
    • His views on racing and why he doesn’t race
    • lifestyle changes as a climate activist?
    • favorite lunch
    • Supplements?
    • How old was he when he started riding and when you started to seriously shred
    • People often say Rampage riders are “crazy” or “insane”. How does he respond to those kinds of comments?
    • Suggestions to help riders get out of their heads, such as those that are afraid of crashing, falling off obstacles, missing a jump, etc

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