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On this week’s podcast, Sonya sat down with Jamie Mason Cohen, a resilience and leadership development expert. A Canadian native, Certified Leadership Coach, and a work history that includes Saturday Night Live, Jamie teaches resilience, wellness, leadership and communication to organizations. 

Jamie works to cultivate resilience through unique performance assessment, the science of positive psychology and leadership strategies. He uses a “Speed Analysis’ process, where each person learns how their strengths serve an organization in 60 seconds. 

He is also a commentator on CNN, Forbes and the Morning Show, and is often recognized for his TEDx talk on leadership.

Sonya and Jamie talk resilience, values, drive, handwriting analysis and more.

“A key value in resilience is this phrase – ‘I’m always learning and growing.’ I’m always learning and growing. So every failure, temporary rejection, that’s just one step and I’m always learning and growing. So falling in love with the process and not always the result – results are nice; we don’t always have control over those results – I have found that if I can be in that space of always learning and growing, whether things work out the way I want or not, I know something positive has come out of that crisis or challenge.”

– Jamie Cohen

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Key Takeaways

  • How he came to work for SNL
  • Where resilience comes from 
  • The importance of being seen and acknowledged 
  • Comparing past versions of yourself
  • Values – how to make them real
  • Drive can be a strength or a liability
  • “Yes, but” and “Yes, and” thinking
  • Handwriting analysis
  • What is graphotherapy



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