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I love trying new things. The new thing I tried today was a newer bike fit technology. It’s been around for at least a couple years, but I haven’t tried it yet. Bike fit technology is interesting. There are so many different schools of thought from old school (eye-balling it and using a plumb bob), 2D fits with camera, and the newest that I know of (although I’m sure there’s something even newer I haven’t heard of) – 3D bike fitting. I have tried all of the above, including Wobblenaught and the fit at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. Truth be told, I have never had a bad bike fit and I’d say that all these avenues are good (although the old school method could be a little rickety if you don’t choose the right person)

Here are a couple photos from my phat fit (haha):



Getting the cleats set up. The Ergon TP1 cleat tool was really good and is what I used initially. I just performed a user error on one of the shoes, but the other was perfect. Note: Don’t try to use the cleat tool in a lawn chair at Sea Otter when you’re in a hurry. 🙂 That would be Todd Carver – one of the original guys who started Retul.


This fit employs a 3D fit using infrared sensors. Pretty cool. How does the fit system work? Click me.


Turning the wattage up makes me laugh. 🙂 I can’t wait to see how the fit works for me. Todd added some wedges in my shoes and made some accurate, fine adjustments to my saddle. He said he was very impressed with how Ergon grips position the upper body, just sayin’. I’m interested to see if my heels will still rub on my cranks (this has happened with every fit, no matter what), and if my knees rub the top tube when I get tired.

Ready to roll!

Oh yeah, and it snowed…again. I got out on a trail run instead of the bike.


…and yesterday wasn’t a whole lot better!


video flip fail, but you get the idea.

and then the visibility got so bad I was worried I’d get mowed down by a car so I flipped it and called it a day.

Ahhh, Colorado. I love you, but you taunt me with repeated lessons of harden the eff up. At least it keeps me from getting weak willed.

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