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The world of non-alcoholic craft beer and wine is exploding. I first discovered that this not-s0-secret world of NA beverages when I was pregnant and lamenting the loss of IPAs.  Even after my son was born, the habit of drinking NA beer stuck with me. It scratched the itch of having something special to relax without taking away from my health, sleep, and recovery as an athlete.  That said, I still imbibe from time to time in alcholic beverages, but it’s a lot less.  As I continued my quest to find variety and maybe even the perfect NA beer, I came across Gruvi.  I also discovered they made NA sparkling wines. I had tried different sparkling wines only to dismiss them as being too sweet and nothing more than just carbonated juice.  Gruvi non-alcoholic wines are awesome and I was pleasantly surprised.  I wanted to give you a rundown of my thoughts on the Gruvi bevies in case you wanted to try it!  I also reached out to them to be a podcast sponsor because I love their products. I got a quick look into the brand, the owners, and their marketing and they are such a cool company with so much personality!  I can’t wait to see what else they do!  They currently have a pop-up shop in Denver where you can go sit in the lounge, listen to cool beats, and enjoy the drinks!

So here we go!

Let’s start with the Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Wines:

As I mentioned, non-alcoholic wines are tricky because most of them are just glorified juice. Even some of the nother brands of sparkling wines I’ve tried were just too sweet and lacked the dryness of a wine. That’s where I was hugely impressed with the Gruvi NA Sparkling Wines. Both the Gruvi NA Nosecco (Prosecco) and the Gruvi NA Bubbly Rose were amazing. I actually prefer these to alcoholic sparkling wines! The Bubbly Rose is a little sweeter and the Nosecco is a bit drier. You won’t be disappointed, and make sure to pour them into a champagne glass! Another note is that the amount of carbonation is spot on. In fact, at the carbonation on all their products is good.

Gruvi Non-Alcoholic wines like Gruvi Nosecco (Prosecco), Gruvi Rose, and their non-alcoholic craft beers are definitely something you should be stocking in your fridge.


Takeways on Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Wines:

  • Delicious amount of dryness which is rare in a non-alcoholic wine
  • Not too sweet/doesn’t taste like juice
  • Nice variety with Prosecco (Nosecco) and Bubbly Rose
  • The right amount of carbonation
  • Would love to see them try a regular red wine!

Are the Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers Good- YES?

Now let’s dive right in to more details and tasting notes. First, everyone’s palette is different. I like strong flavors and hops- my go-to style of beer would be a stout or an IPA.

Short answer- yes! The key takeaway is they have the mouthfeel of alcoholic beer (a huge win, considering most non-alcoholic beers have a very thin mouthfeel). They also have a great variety for all tastes. As I mentioned, the carbonation is the right amount. Some of the other NA beers I’ve tried have either been way too carbonated or not enough to get any type of head on the beer.

The winner: Gruvi Stout

How does the Gruvi Stout Taste?

This is my favorite of ANY non-alcoholic stout I’ve ever had. In fact, you couldn’t differentiate between this beer and certain stouts that have alcohol. It has nice head when you pour it. 

Tasting notes: Chocolate, smoke, burnt caramel.

Runner Up: Pale Ale


Tasting notes: Not as punchy on the hops as I like, but still good. Dank. Less bite.  Tastes almost like wet hops  Lighter/less hazy in color.  

Sour Weisse

Tasting notes: Fruity, citrus with a dankness. I wasn’t a fan of this one, but I’m also not a fan of Sour Weisse or Weisse beer in general!

Where to Buy Gruvi

In the US? You can get it off their website.  Use the coupon code SONYA10 to get 10% off your Gruvi order! And visit their pop-up shop if you’re in Denver (this post was written in June 2021).

If you’re in Canada, get it at

For a review I wrote of several non-alcoholic beverages I found while I was pregnant, see this blog post I wrote.  The Gruvi Pale Ale, Sparkling Wines, and Stout stack up at the top of the list!


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