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Revin' the engine

By March 17, 2009March 22nd, 2017One Comment

After being off the bike for 3 days, my legs felt pretty soggy and heavy yesterday. I pushed through it, and after about 3 hours I started to feel decent. I took the mountain bike and went up a bunch of the mountain dirt roads. The route was Gold Hill via Sunshine Canyon to Sawmill, down Sawmill, up Lickskillet (it’s a 20% grade kick in the you know what), down 4 mile canyon, up Logan Mill Road, down 4 mile some more, and up Poorman.


After 4.5 hours in mostly Z4 and some Z3, and about 6000 ft of climbing, I called it a day.   It was funny to be riding at 9000 ft where just the day before, I was sitting at 200ft elevation.

Today is a 4 hour mountain bike ride in Z4/Z5.  Tomorrow is my last day to train before the cruise vacay.  I won’t be able to really “train” for about 9 days.  I’ll be in recovery mode, running a little, swimming in the ocean, and spinning on the exercise bike to keep the body moving along…  all at sea level!  When I get back, it’s off to the Ouachita 60!

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